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Blog: Why Speedclean?
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By David Bokov, 26 november 2020

Why Speedclean?

Speedclean offers a totally new and innovative way to clean and maintain split airconditioning systems, microchannels and heat pumps effectively, quickly and safely. At the moment, the contractor does not pay much (or enough) attention to cleaning the systems, which can lead to unpleasant consequences such as: reduced efficiency, polluted air circulation and more malfunctions. In this blog you can read what Speedclean is about and what the various advantages are when you would clean the above mentioned system correctly and preventively.

What is Speedclean?

Speedclean supplies innovative, professional systems for cleaning and maintaining split airconditioning systems, microchannels and heat pumps. Both indoor and outdoor systems pollute over time. This has negative consequences on both energy consumption and air quality. By combining low-pressure water with biodegradable cleaning agent, it is possible to clean these systems very effectively and safely.

Speedclean currently offers 2 types of devices:

  • CJ-125: low pressure cleaning system with integrated battery.
  • CJ-200E: low pressure cleaning system on 220V mains power.

Both devices are low pressure cleaning systems with both a water and cleaning agent tank. The difference is that the CJ-125 has an integrated battery and the CJ-200E does not. This makes it possible to work anywhere with the CJ-125. However, the CJ-200E provides (slightly) more pressure and flow, because it is supplied with a constant power source. Therefore, this device is preferably used for outdoor units of (for example) heat pumps.

Cleaning indoor units (evaporators)

Next to the low pressure cleaning systems, Speedclean also offers innovative plastic collection bib's to easily collect water and deposits during split air conditioning cleaning. These collection bib's are used when an indoor unit such as a wall mounted or cassette type model needs to be cleaned. Speedclean supplies 2 types of collection bib's:

  • MSB-KIT: collection bib for wall mounted systems
  • SC-CB: collection bib for cassette/ceiling systems

When working with a CoilJet CJ-125 system, you use water and cleaning chemical to clean the coils. The used water and loosened deposits must then be correctly collected and drained to ensure that there is no water mess during and after the cleaning. The collection bib's are made of high-quality plastic, which means they last a long time and are therefore reusable.

How are these systems currently cleaned?

At the moment it is complicated for a contractor to perform a correct, professional cleaning without it taking a lot of time. When cleaning in the traditional way, it is almost always necessary to disassemble the entire indoor unit. Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly can easily take more than an hour.

In addition, the (current) way of cleaning is also questionable. When working with compressed air, a brush or foam, it cannot be guaranteed that the entire coil is free of deposits. Sometimes the coil is not cleaned at all, but only the filters. Keep in mind, that the coil is the most important part, which must be cleaned correctly and regularly. The only way to really clean the coil thoroughly, is to use the combination of low pressure water and cleaning agent.

What are the biggest advantages of Speedclean?

There are 4 major advantages to using Speedclean equipment for cleaning split airconditioning systems, microchannels and heat pumps:

  1. Working with Speedclean significantly reduces the cleaning time per unit.
  2. Better cleaning yields more revenue/turnover.
  3. Correct maintenance minimizes failures.
  4. Cleaning with Speedclean optimizes the air quality.

You can read more about the advantages for contractors in the below blow:
''5 reasons why all contractors should switch to Speedclean!''

Complete Packages

Speedclean's experts have put together a number of complete packages for cleaning and maintaining airconditioning systems, microchannels and heat pumps. These packages contain all the necessary Speedclean products that you need to perform professional cleaning and maintenance services.

Complete packages actually contain everything you would need to professionally clean airconditioning systems, microchannels and heat pumps. So you don't have to look any further. In addition, complete packages are cheaper than if you were to order all products separately. There are also interesting bulk discounts available for complete packages, receive an extra discount when purchasing 2 or 3 packages.

Advice and questions

If you need more advice about Speedclean's products, our experts will be happy to help you. Contact us via the customer service page, or start a chat at the bottom right of your screen.

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