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Why Speedclean?

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Why Speedclean?

Why is Speedclean the revolution in air conditioning cleaning? What is different about it and what are its advantages? Read all about it in this blog!

Why Speedclean?

Speedclean is a totally new way to clean air conditioning systems, both indoor- and outdoor systems. At the moment this cleaning is done still (too) simple. The installer only cleans the filters, but not the coil itself. In addition, a brush or compressed air is not enough as a cleaning method. Because the coil itself is not cleaned. Even though that is where the actual heat transfer takes place, thus being the most important part of the system. With Speedclean equipment this is possible, read the advantages and arguments below.


How is cleaning performed now?


An air conditioning system creates cold and/or warm air by means of a heat transfer. This happens in the coil, behind the hood and filters. This is also, where the actual pollution is, think of: fungi, viruses, bacteria, allergens and more. By only cleaning the filters, the real pollution is never removed. In fact, it stays there. Which gives it the chance to grow and spread in the environment. In addition, the air conditioning unit will not perform better and in most cases even provide less efficiency over time.


If the installer still wants to do a good cleaning without Speedclean, the whole system will have to be disassembled (so he/she can access everything). This process is very time consuming and can often take more than half an hour to do. After that the installer has to clean everything per part, often somewhere in the bathroom or outside. And after that put everything back together.


The outdoor unit must also be cleaned, as the indoor and outdoor systems are in direct contact with each other. If the outdoor unit does not function optimally, this will have a direct influence on the performance of the indoor system. Outdoor systems are often the most polluted, because they constantly suck in (dirty) air. This can contain things like: insects, pollen, dust, etc. After a while this atmospheric pollution will form a kind of ''blanket'' on the coil. This drastically reduces the airflow, making it impossible for the unit to do its job properly. As a result, the system will lose efficiency and increase energy consumption, because the airco unit has to perform more to achieve the same results.


With Speedyfoam Coil Cleaner the coil(s) will not only be cleaned, but also degreased. By combining cleaning and degreasing, you will immediately achieve optimal results.


Why is Speedclean the solution?


Speedclean equipment uses water and detergent, which can be used with a special low pressure, portable pump system. These pumps give approximately 9 - 12 BAR working pressure and 2.5 liters per minute flow. The produced spray is powerful enough to flush the entire coil and remove any contamination present. However, it is not strong enough to damage the fins on the coil(s). This keeps the risk low when cleaning an air conditioning system. Because of the mix of the Alkaline, bio-friendly cleaning agent Speedyfoam and water, the contamination is actually removed and/or killed.



How does Speedclean work / What do I need?


Speedclean equipment works very simple, it can simply be divided into 3 phases:


- Cleaning equipment (low pressure pumps)

- Portable bibs for catching water

- Accessories


Cleaning equipment: This category includes the CoilJet Airco Cleaning Systems. These are the mobile, low pressure pumps as described earlier. These are available with battery or mains power. Whatever the customer prefers to use. In practice we see that the battery form is the most used, this is because you are not dependent on a power point. The mains CJ-200E version is a bit more powerful, which is especially better when mostly outdoor units, such as heat pumps, need to be cleaned. The battery version can clean both indoor and outdoor systems.


Bib Kits:Because you are working with water and detergent, it is necessary to collect and keep water away from walls and other surroundings. Special collection bags have been designed for this purpose. These bib kits are available for both wall- and cassette models.


- MSB-KIT: Collection bag for wall models up to 110 centimetres wide.

- MSB-KIT-XL: Collection bag for wall models up to 150 centimetres wide.

- SC-CB: Collection bag for cassette models up to 120 centimetres wide.


Collection bags can be assembled very quickly, which greatly reduces the time needed to set up. This saves you time and allows you to finish air conditioning cleaning jobs even faster.


Accessories: In addition to cleaning equipment and collection bags, certain accessories are also very important. For example, an additional CJ-MSB-ACC-KIT is almost always chosen. This is an accessory kit, which contains all the handy nozzles and spray wands you can use during cleaning. For example, it comes with a flexible nozzle, with which you can easily clean hard-to-reach parts.


Also included is the cleaning agent (Speedyfoam), an alkaline, bio-friendly mix that is safe for the equipment and the user. Here, you can also find spare batteries, bags and other parts.


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