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5 Reasons why all contractors should switch to Speedclean!

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  • By David Bokov
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5 Reasons why all contractors should switch to Speedclean!

Many contractors and climate technical companies install and/or maintain air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Why could Speedclean be so interesting for them?


5 Reasons why all contractors should switch to Speedclean!

As an installer you are directly responsible for the quality of the air conditioning systems at your customers. This is where you should be known for good quality and service. Correct maintenance plays a crucial role in this. In this blog you can read why Speedclean could be so interesting for you and what contribution it can make to your business.


  1. Better cleaning pays off.

We are convinced that good customers pay more for better maintenance. If it's done right, it really brings added value to them. That's where Speedclean equipment fits in perfectly. If you clean correctly, you reduce the chance of malfunctions and the spread of germs/virusses/bacteria and so on. It also optimizes the heat transfer and therefore the efficiency of the system. This also reduces your customer's energy costs.


We believe that all these added benefits, should allow you to charge more for your services. Your service and maintenance contracts can therefore generate more revenue. Also, the customer will be amazed when you come to perform the cleaning job with this equipment. After all, only then will you come across as truly professional, in contrast to many installers who arrive with a brush and spray can to perform the cleaning. After using Speedclean, you can never really go back to traditional methods.


  1. Correct maintenance minimizes malfunctions.

Malfunctions often happen at the most unpleasant moments, when it's not really convenient. In many cases, malfunctions occur because the air conditioning system has not been cleaned properly, both the indoor and outdoor unit. This causes them to lose their heat-transfer capacity and thus, the efficiency will drop, resulting in malfunctions. By using the correct cleaning method of Speedclean, the units you maintain will always be clean and less likely to malfunction. The end customer will also notice this and get more confidence in your service.


  1. Speedclean cleaning improves the air quality.

Cleaning with water and detergent is also often referred to as ''deep cleaning''. This means that the coil itself is really well flushed. This removes the present pollution. Think of fungi, viruses, bacteria and other negative biological growth, such as mold. When the indoor unit is clean, it can not blow out contaminated air. Which often happens, when the airconditioning system is filled with the above mentioned substances. Too many ''dirty'' air conditioning systems can negatively affect the indoor climate and even result in high risk environments. This is also referred to as the ''Sick Building Syndrome''.


  1. Speedclean offers you a total package.

Speedclean Benelux is not only supplier of the equipment. We prefer to see ourselves as a partner for your company. This way we like to share our knowledge and information with you. We always try to assist as much as possible in the entire process, from the purchase of the equipment, to the first jobs you are going to perform. In addition, you may use our blogs to share information about our method with your customers. This way you can easily list all the arguments of this method.


In addition, Speedclean Benelux offers complete packages, which actually contain all the products you will need. These complete packages can be found here.



  1. Speedclean is the revolution in maintenance and cleaning.

Speedclean is a totally new method to clean air conditioning systems. When you arrive on location with this equipment, the customer is often sold right away. This is because it is as professional as you can get! In addition, all collection bags are transparent, so the end customer can see exactly how much deposits come out of their air conditioning system(s). In almost all cases this is a huge amount!


Almost always end customers do not want to go back to previous methods of cleaning and maintenance. Because they can't offer the same end result as Speedclean does.


  1. Working faster increases revenue and efficiency.

Speedclean not only works better, but also faster. Because you are able to perform cleanings much faster, it is also possible to clean more air conditioning systems per day. Many of our customers indicate that they can clean at least 40-50% more systems per day, after switching to Speedclean equipment. This allows them to generate 40-50% more revenue per day, a win-win situation for everyone!


As a supplier we see more and more installers and climate technical companies switching to Speedclean. In almost all cases, they do not return to their old cleaning and maintenance methods. End customers are becoming smarter and more knowledgeable and sometimes already demand that only cleaning with Speedclean equipment is allowed. Our vision is that all installers switch to Speedclean. In order to be able to clean more durable and efficient all together.



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